Lipoglaze is the revolutionary non-invasive fat reduction treatment which celebrities swear by. This painless treatment is scientifically proven and can banish stubborn areas of fat permanently with visible results after just one session!
The Benefits of Lipoglaze:

  • Clinical studies have shown between 11%-59% fat reduction in one treatment, depending on thickness of subcutaneous tissue.
  • Reshape your body without diet or exercise.
  • No need to rest and recover afterwards, you can carry on with your day as normal.
  • Banish stubborn fat from areas that diet and exercise can’t shift.
  • No needles, no surgery, no pain and no dangerous side effects.
  • Boost self esteem and attain body confidence.

We at Lipo Breeze believe that everyone should feel confident about their body. Perhaps you’ve tried countless diets and found that nothing shifts the fat from your upper arms and waist? Or maybe you’d like to wear swimwear with confidence while on holiday? If you’re fed up of fighting stubborn fat, Lipoglaze is the perfect solution for you.

Lipoglaze-fat reduction-target-areas

Our clinic is based close to the centre of Richmond, South West London. Our friendly consultants have years of customer service experience and will help you to relax before and during the treatment. All of our consultants have been trained by LoveLite in Harley Street London.

Why Choose Lipo Breeze?

As well as being the friendliest non invasive clinic around, we have expert knowledge of fat distribution in the body and offer first class aftercare advice which will help you to maximise the results you see after your Lipoglaze session. Our Richmond clinic is equipped with the latest Lipoglaze machine. This allows us to target greater areas with one treatment which makes Lipoglaze a very cost effective option. These factors mean we offer one of the best fat reduction treatments in South West London.